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  • 01vlog Firefox search Plugin  2)   01vlog Firefox search Plugin 1.0
    Search for video blogs directly from your Firefox browser. To install this plugin unzip 01vlogfireplugin.src and 01vlogfireplugin.png underC:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins.

  • 10_Best_Toolbars  3)   10_Best_Toolbars 1.00.0
    The best clollection of IE toolbars, 10 ad free toolbars in all, easy to download and install or uninstall. Each toolbar has a set of unique features with zero advertizing

  • 1ClickWebSlideShow  4)   1ClickWebSlideShow 2.0
    1ClickWenSlideShow searches a given Web site for pictures, downloads them onto your hard disk and shows using the built-in full-screen viewer. Extra fast HTML parsing algorithm allows to watch a real-time slide-show even with a slow modem connection.

  • 32bit Web Browser  6)   32bit Web Browser 10.12.01
    ElectraSoft 32bit Web Browser runs on 32bit and 64bit computers. This Browser software program even lets you run 32-bit online audio and video player applications like YouTube, Adobe Flash Player on your 64-bit computer.

  • 4c  7)   4c 1.0
    "I´ll never forget this sight." 4c visualizes, where browsers work with long URLs. Surfing in the web becomes visible easier. Fast previews in the history and of the favorites. Experience surfing completely new!

  • 4IE iMacros Web Macro Recorder  8)   4IE iMacros Web Macro Recorder 5.10
    iMacros relieves the repetition of checking on the same sites every day, remembering passwords and filling out web forms or web scraping. Web professional can use the software for functional testing and regression web testing of web applications.

  • 7Screensavers wallpapers toolbar  9)   7Screensavers wallpapers toolbar 1.0
    SaversPlanet toolbar enhances capabilities of your browser and gives you instant access to the important features. You can access them directly from your explorer. Download it now and get the full power of your internet!

  • ABF Internet Explorer Tools  10)   ABF Internet Explorer Tools 1.2
    ABF Internet Explorer Tools is a set of very useful plug-ins for the popular MS Internet Explorer browser. The software contains a tool bar, page browser, magnifier bar, and a set of additional commands.

  • AbsoluteToolbar  11)   AbsoluteToolbar 1.5.1
    With one click you can open a map of the selected address, mortgage calculator, description, translation, company info, stock charts, searches by 18 categories, a new window. Also has quick close, zoom, scroll and minimize shotcuts, anti-spy checker.

  • Acai Berry  12)   Acai Berry 1.0
    search the best acai berry juice, acai berry powder and acai berry supplements

  • account merchant  13)   account merchant 1.0152
    Account Merchant Calculator. This is for your internet explorer. This has a latin music radio station embedded.

  • Acoo Browser  14)   Acoo Browser 1.37.758
    Acoo Browser is a powerful multi-tabbed Internet browser with Mouse Gestures, recoverable Popup Blocker, Ads Filter, Cleaner, URL Alias and Integrated search engine support. It allows user to surf multiple Web sites within one browser window.

  • Active Web Reader Customizer  15)   Active Web Reader Customizer 1.23
    With the Active Web Reader Customizer you can now distribute your own RSS reader that includes your feeds and web pages. The user then simply downloads your custom RSS reader, preloaded with your RSS feeds, increasing your website visibility.

  • AddaButton  16)   AddaButton 4.1
    Add custom buttons directly to Internet Explores own toolbar which can launch any program or document on your computer. Easy-to-use interface allows you to define the button text, icon, and more.

  • aeroFox  17)   aeroFox 0.4.6
    aeroFox is a transparent web browser for Windows . Yes! you can adjust the transparency of aeroFox windows to see the windows behind. It supports multilayer transparency also .It has a cool glass like look and feel

  • All Modem Tweak  18)   All Modem Tweak 1.00
    All Modem Tweak is utility designed to unleash the full potential of your Internet Connection. By default, most modems and network connections in Windows are not configured to transfer data at their maximum or their most efficient speed.

  • all recipes  19)   all recipes 5.20
    All recipes toolbar plugin. Use it to find really great content. You can get the local weather anytime.

  • All Search Toolbar  20)   All Search Toolbar 1.0
    Search toolbar for Internet Explorer that searches Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and eBay. Plus, the All Search Toolbar includes privacy features, a pop-up blocker, access to current coupons and shopping specials, and one-click access to popular sites.

  • AM-DeadLink  21)   AM-DeadLink 3.1
    AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates in your Browser Bookmarks. Additionally you can download FavIcons for all your Favorites and Bookmarks. AM- DeadLink supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

  • AmateurMatch Review ToolBar V2.0  22)   AmateurMatch Review ToolBar V2.0 2.0
    AmateurMatch is a brand new adult dating site with a very easy to use interface. The design is very clean and eveything just works without unneeded extra's like upsell advertisement.

  • Amazon toolbar  23)   Amazon toolbar 0.1
    This is a toolbar to enhance your search experience at It's similar to the Firefox extensions albeit more advanced optionwise. It even contains a currency convertor. Complete dropdowncategories with all stores

  • Anniversary Bios  24)   Anniversary Bios 2.4.0
    Create your own personalized Anniversary prints. This software creates as many attractive prints as you would like. Save money by sending these prints instead of anniversary cards. Increase client retention by sending these with your logo.

  • Anonymous Forum Buddy  25)   Anonymous Forum Buddy 2.7
    Anonymous Forum Buddy masks the IP address by routing your traffic through foreign anonymous proxies. This way you can surf, read mail, news, participate in newsgroups without revealing your real IP address.

  • Anonymous Surfing  26)   Anonymous Surfing 1.0
    Anonymous surfing toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find anonymous surfing sites and anonymous servers.

  • AOL Explorer (formerly AOL Browser)  27)   AOL Explorer (formerly AOL Browser) 1.1.4234.1030 Beta
    AOL Explorer (formerly AOL Browser) puts the power of the Web at your fingertips like never before. It is a stand-alone browser featuring tabbed browsing, thumbnail tab popups, and many more special features.

  • Apple Macbook Pro  28)   Apple Macbook Pro 1.0
    I just wanted to post the cool multitasking Apple MacBook Pro. I mainly wanted to show some basic effects that the computer is capable of.

  • ArmorSurf  29)   ArmorSurf
    FREE private web browser, encrypted file manager, flash downloader, and media player. Includes IP masking, password protection, panic keys, DVD burning, and more.

  • Aros Magic Viewer  30)   Aros Magic Viewer 1.0
    Browse your digital camera photos or web downloads at any size supported by your monitor. Enlarge small images to reveal hidden details. Resolution-independent renditions of digital photo. Drag-and-drop support. Unicode compliance.

  • Article Directory  31)   Article Directory 1.0
    Free article directory toolbar for Internet Explorer. Free article directory resources.

  • Article Submission  32)   Article Submission 5.14
    Article submission toolbar. Use it to search for stuff. You can also use it to get the weather.

  • authentic mexican recipes  33)   authentic mexican recipes 4.1
    Authentic mexican recipes toolbar for doing great searches on the internet. See the TV channels you want, listen to radio stations you like, get your area weather, all with this great toolbar.

  • Auto URL Refresher  34)   Auto URL Refresher 2.0
    Use Auto URL Refresher to refresh web pages either randomly or at selected intervals enabling you to keep an eye on fast changing eBay auctions, stock market tickers, sports events...

  • Auto Web Browser  35)   Auto Web Browser 1.4
    A tool for automating Internet surfing. Combines web crawler functionality with advanced keywords text search, logical analysis of the document layout and offline browsing. Free software.

  • AutoFill Browser  36)   AutoFill Browser 1.2.1
    Powerful Web Browser, one-click web form filler.AutoFill personal info into online forms. a Submission utility for shareware authors

  • Avant Browser  37)   Avant Browser 2012 build 16
    Avant is a multi-processing browser featured with Private Browsing, Anti-Freezing, Low CPU Usage, No Memory Leak, Web Form Auto-Filler, Online Bookmarks, Mouse Gestures, AD/Popup Blocker, Full Screen/Desktop Mode, Flash Filter, RSS Reader...

  • A_AutoSurfer  38)   A_AutoSurfer 1.2.1
    Automatically browse a list of URLs, Any text file will do as list. just make sure it has only one url per line. or create your lists from within the program using add this feature.

  • Backlinks  39)   Backlinks 1.134
    Area 51 Backlinks Toolbar. Works on every browser. Allows you instant access to YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

  • Bakugan Battle Pack  40)   Bakugan Battle Pack 1.0
    The Bakugan Battle Pack consists of marbles and gate cards. The marbles are magnetic spherical containers that must be rolled onto the metal gate cards in order to release the Bakugan that is held within.

  • Bar Graph MDI  41)   Bar Graph MDI 3.65
    Bar Graph MDI is a GRML, CSV, and text delimited file and web browser. It displays files and web pages using 6 graphs. There are bar, pie, stacked bar, 3D bar, 3D pie, and 3D stacked bar graphs. Each has a legend, color-coding, and dimension labels.

  • Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin  43)   Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin 1.0
    Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin will automatically intall in your Mozilla Firefox installation folder and provide you with the best beauty resources on the web.

  • Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor  44)   Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor 1.01
    Lost in your ICQ history? Not a problem any more! Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor allows you to extract your Mirabilis ICQ and Miranda IM history into such formats as plain text, HTML and XML. Almost all versions of ICQ/Miranda are supported.

  • Belkasoft IE GetLinks  45)   Belkasoft IE GetLinks 1.01
    Belkasoft IE GetLinks allows you to extract all links from a page shown in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Two formats are supported now - plain text format and HTML.

  • Belkasoft LinksManager  46)   Belkasoft LinksManager 1.01d
    Organize and manage your bookmarks easily with Belkasoft LinksManager! Search them by different criteria, find duplicates, export and import from XML and IE favorites, handle MSDN links, bind shortcuts to frequenlty used links.

  • Best Flat Screen TV  49)   Best Flat Screen TV 1.0
    A Best Flat Screen TV Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find the Best Flat Screen TV's around with Independent Advice.

  • Best Flat Screen TV 2  50)   Best Flat Screen TV 2 1.0
    A Best Flat Screen TV Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox. Find the Best Flat Screen TV's around with Independent Advice.

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